hong kong by night

after church in singapore, jane and i hopped on a plane to hong kong. i have always wanted to visit this city, and especially lately have been profoundly pining to see china. (hong kong is close enough to hold me over for a while!) we arrived at the airport and zoomed into the city on a train, then grabbed a bus to our hotel. my eyes were positively glittering with thrill as we drove through the streets of hong kong, all alight and abuzz. it truly felt like a dream.

after dropping our stuff off, we headed to soho to grab dinner and begin exploring. jane had been to hong kong just a few weeks before, and so she was able to show me around a bit. i was instantly and completely captured by this neon metropolis. hong kong by night is just intoxicating. there’s a little thrill in the air that really stung me.


central hong kong felt like a super neat conglomeration of new york (big city buzz), china, britian, las vegas (neon lights), and san francisco (steep hills). everything was so alive and the action seemed to go on and on both horizontally and vertically. we found the most delicious vietnamese/thai place and shared a gorgeous meal on the patio, and this was our view:


the night sky was so bright thanks to all the city lights. the sheer number of apartments in hong kong just blows my mind. after dinner we got gelato and strolled through the hills of soho. these pictures just don’t give the electric, prickling thrill of it all any justice!


and thus began our hong kong adventure. i fell so fast!


  1. I am loving the pictures from this trip...

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  3. Thank you for sharing your fabulous adventure with us! It is delightfully exquisite.

  4. How fun to see this great city through your eyes!