i’m leaving town

photo(24)i’ve been in america tooooo long! in 8 days i’m headed abroad. and my fingertips are getting tingly with fantastic excitement just thinking about it.

i’m going to singapore to visit my best friend in the world. she’s been living there for the past year and a half with her husband. i’ll spend three days seeing jane’s singaporean life and then we’re going together to hong kong for three days. holy smokes. bff + travel adventures + magical locale? yes, please. i am so so so excited!

i had to go up to the city twice last week to renew my passport. after an ordeal having to get extra visa pages in my last passport, i went ahead and got 52 pages (instead of the standard 28) in my new one. it expires in 2022. i can totally fill all those pages up by then, right?!


  1. Sounds like such a fun trip! I miss that Janer so much...wish we could have a little mp17 reunion over there!

    PS-I need some tips for India. We leave in three weeks. I'll be calling you!

  2. Get here girl! I got your bedroom all ready today in anticipation. I'm excited for our whirl-wind trip. See you soon!!!

  3. I have total faith in you - if anyone can fill those extra pages, it's YOU!!!

  4. My best advice is....don't lose that passport! Losing things may run in your veins (i.e. two phones in the past 5 months).

    Have a wonderful trip and hug that cute Jane for me!

  5. So excited for you! Hope you have the greatest time, I know you will - I have two of my best friends that have lived there in the past few years. I cannot wait to see your pics! xxx

  6. Be careful putting a pic of your passport in like that - a treat for identity theives.