singapore botanic gardens


on saturday morning, jane and i took a walk in the singapore botanic gardens – and holy smokes it was truly amazingly gorgeous. it was so fun to stroll and swoon at all the pretty vistas and flowers.

we walked through the orchid garden, the crown jewel of the lush, lush park, and then made our way around the pond past flora and fauna galore before heading home.

i took so many pictures because i couldn’t help myself. and this post is just a collection of photos of outrageously beautiful flowers. it was too hard to narrow them down! but all the flowers were so unique and sublime! looking at these pictures makes it hard for me to believe that i actually saw these in real life.

 IMG_7418IMG_7430IMG_7438   IMG_7451IMG_7446IMG_7444  IMG_7447 IMG_7449IMG_7442IMG_7440IMG_7453IMG_7460IMG_7461IMG_7469IMG_7472IMG_7413IMG_7475IMG_7454IMG_7478

…sure made for a pretty wonderful saturday morning on the other side of the world.


  1. Everytime I see an orchid I think of that garden. ALSO HOW COOL THAT YOU WENT UP TO THE POOL!!!!