big buddah

on our last day in hong kong, we decided to go to lantau island to check out the world’s largest seated buddah. (sure, why not?!) it was a bit of a journey on the subway, and we headed out right during morning rush hour. it was absolutely incredible how many people were coming and going through hong kong’s amazing subway system. the buzz and movement of that city just makes you feel like you are part of something so, so much bigger than yourself!

to get to the buddah, we got to take a pretty rad cable car ride. it was a bummer that it was so cloudy and foggy, but i guess that made the atmosphere pretty mystical.
IMG_7985IMG_7990IMG_7983 IMG_7994IMG_7993
we rode over dense, dense green jungle mountains, spotted a waterfall and then, in the distance, buddah!

for a few bucks we got to climb the steps, marvel in the huge structure (which took a decade to build), visit the nearby colorful temple and have a little ticket for some “snacks” at the restaurant.
 IMG_6599IMG_8013IMG_6611 IMG_6620IMG_6622 IMG_6640 IMG_6645 IMG_6649IMG_8016IMG_6653 IMG_6654
the “snacks” turned out to be heaping plates of lo-mien noodles and a choice of four random treats. jane wasn’t feeling the food so i got my wish for authentic dim sum all over again and all to myself! ha! we giggled as i tried the deep fried veggie spring roll, a peanut dumpling, a pineapple bun, and a little something they called a “lucky cake.” i still have no idea what it was.
IMG_6661IMG_6667 IMG_6670
i have to say, most of it was pretty tasty!
when we got back on hong kong island, we found a foot massage place across the street from our hotel and wrapped up our trip (which included a heck of a lot of walking) relaxing in a slightly sketchy massage room with a bunch of people that didn’t speak a word of english. it was fantastic. 

we flew back to singapore that night, and i slept about three hours before hoping in a cab to the airport to head back across the sea.

i am so grateful to jane and blake for letting me come visit them before their time in asia was up! eight years ago when jane and i were living together in new york city, i would have never guessed that we would one day be boppin’ around singapore and hong kong together. it really was all such a dream.


  1. awesome photos char! what a cool place! let's go together next time.

  2. that nail place does look slightly sketchy! I just hopped over from Shawni's blog...don't really know your sis, but I wish I did. Looks like fun travels around the world!