up the california one

after reveling in the wonder of the enchanted hill for hours in the afternoon sun, we were super hungry.
i had packed a fancy picnic that i was a little obsessed with.
we found the first beach we could – right across highway one from the entrance to the castle:P4285662
we spread out our blanket and our food and enjoyed with the sand and sunshine and salt air.
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we stopped at jade cove for a little coastal hike.
the water was so energetic and surging – and such a lush color.
we pulled over as the sun slipped down
at the look-out point my sister and i had discovered a few weeks earlier.

we tromped through a field of wildflowers and sat perched on a cliff for the (not super stunning but lovely nonetheless) sunset and ate dried mangoes and talked about how perfect our epic road trip really was.
so often things in life don’t work out as planned – but some golden sometimes the planning and the serendipity sing in harmony and yield an oh so perfect weekend that is oh so good for the soul.


  1. I'm just so proud that our little trip warranted THREE different posts! And your picnic, I would like to point out to everyone, was classy to perfection.

  2. How fun! Wish I could have been there for lunch!