victoria peak

the main thing both jane and i wanted to experience in hong kong was seeing the sparkling view from victoria peak. (when jane was in hong kong last month, it was too foggy to see anything.) we wished and prayed for clear weather. on monday night, the city was very rainy:
but after some deliberation (and glimpes of hope when the rain stopped and the clouds moved, only to begin raining again five minute later…), we decided we had to try a trip to the peak just in case the weather was even worse on tuesday. we took the tram and then walked up the hill to the peak tram station, passing these views:
the guys selling tickets for the tram informed us that the visibility was probably very bad, and they couldn’t guarantee we would see anything to get our money’s worth. but we were already there! and we decided to take a chance.
as we sat on the tram waiting to go up the mountain, the rain kept plinking on the roof. we got to the top and made our way out to the balcony and!!!! this! is! what! we! saw!!!
it was breathtaking. the city shimmered and we took it all in. a big cloud came on by and completely obstructed our views and then kept on moving to reveal the vistas again. we stood up there taking pictures and talking and oohing and ahhing for a long time. it was really spectacular, and we were so glad we decided to take a risk!
these next two pictures give you a little idea of how far the skyscrapers go in both directions:
i think standing on top of that mountain with those views that night with my best friend will be one of my favourite memories forever.


  1. probably my favorite part of the trip! we sure lucked out:)

  2. I am loving these pictures of Hong Kong. I was there about 16 years ago - way too long ago. I loved going to Victorias peak, and roaming around the city. Stanley Market was amazing! Thank you for bringing back such good memories. The pictures are awesome, and your skirt is fabulous! :)