eli & julie came to town!


my closest-in-age brother eli and his wife julie came through san francisco last weekend on their way to a family reunion in fresno. i’D been itching to share my city with eli for ages and it was so fun to have that boy and his girl in town.

the truth is, eli and i have not always liked each other. yes, sibling rivalry at its finest. somehow, our worlds turned, and after about fifteen years of teasing and drama, we became the best of friends. this miraculous revolution is such a big part of who i am, and i love my brother and all he has taught me so, so, so.

it was a very unusually hot day in the city on saturday. i picked up eli and julie in oakland and took them on my standard tour loop….

starting with the hair-raising drive across the bay bridge…IMG_7952
…and of course a late saturday morning at the ferry building.

we parked at alamo square and took in the view in the sun and wind…
and then strolled through the streets admiring colorful victorians.
IMG_7980 IMG_7993IMG_8076IMG_7984
we passed city hall…
…bused to union square…
…strolled through chinatown and the north beach festival to my rooftop…
…and stopped by lombard street.
we drove the divisadero hill to the palace of fine arts…
…and then cruised over the bridge to admire the golden gate.
i showed eli and julie my favorite spot in the headlands as the sun went down…
…and we ended our packed day at a japanese curry house in nob hill.

i sure love eli and julie. they are some of the best adventurers i know so the weekend with them was bomb.


  1. Amazing Amazing! Loved all these colour packed pics! How I long to be one of those people stopping by for an awesome Charity tour! p.s do you or Julie ever look bad in pictures (I've yet to see one!)?!

  2. I feel the same way about my brother today... sigh I want him to visit:) I love the pictures. Good job capturing the city.

  3. (Sorry, you have no idea who I am - I read your parents entitlement book and found you that way.)

    I just have to say it gives me hope that you and your brother are such awesome friends now. My two oldest - 7 yr old and 6 yr old - are almost always fighting (at least it seems that way). I would love to hear sometime about your journey to friendship and if there is anything I can do as a parent, or if I just have to wait for them to decide.

    Anyway, I have enjoyed your blog - "dripping with passion" is the perfect blog title for you - I love it!

  4. btw, that last comment was written by Camile (Aaron is my husband). (It just seems weird if I leave it under his name) :)

  5. Charity,
    You are amazing! I love reading your blog. I live in San Francisco and am in the Sunset ward. I must say, you are quite inspiring and your love of life is contageous. Thanks for always brightening my day!
    - Kirsten
    (PS. Where is "your rooftop"? I am dying to go there! :D

  6. I love that you are close with your brother, that's the best. I have various levels of friendship with my brothers but I'm hoping it gets even better, like yours! Love that you have a standard tour loop and it looks awesome! The Bay Area is amazing, I'm dying to live in SF at some point.

  7. Also I love those yellow sandals! So fun!

  8. What a happy ending to that never-ending teasing-screaming story! What wonderful pictures. So glad you had so much fun! Maybe you should just retire from your job and be a tour guide for San Francisco. You would be brilliant! Let's alk soon!

  9. Hi Charity, you don't know me- I came over for Shawni's blog, but I'm right this minute planning a trip to SF with my 3 little kids next week... and I was wondering if you could share where the place is that you stop to look at the GGB? I saw Shawni's posts on SF that had her and her cute kids posing in the same place, and it looks like an amazing (and secluded?)spot to gaze at the bridge. Thanks so much in advance! -Tiffany from AZ :)