golden coast

we woke up super early on monday morning and headed south. we drove right past mount shasta and the scenery was gorgeous. amidst miles and miles of orchards, we saw a sign for fresh apricots and immediately pulled off the highway. then we drove straight to stinson beach just north of the golden gate and laid on the warm sand. the weather was fantastic and although the water was frigid, i couldn’t stop myself from dunking under. it was nice to lay in the sun and relax with my best girls.

then, i took sara and dani to three of my favourite viewpoints overlooking the ocean. there is nothing like that lustrous coastline.


after dinner in the city at burma superstar (we were swooning the whole time), we kept going down the golden coast to half moon bay. we cuddled close on the sand, watched the sunset and talked about the future. it was a superb, resplendent end to the last day of my 25th year!


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