a life-changing day

this post is brought to you by my brand new macbook air!! (!!!!!)
macbook1    macbook2
tuesday, 26 june 2012 was a momentous day.
i spent $1398 and was shaking in my boots about it, but it feels real good.
this beautiful, oh so beautiful computer is the second largest purchase i've ever made in my life.
i'm mourning the loss of a couple plane tickets to exotic locales...
...but am in love with this pretty silver gadget that makes my life a lot less frustrating.
{i was wasting hours at work and at home waiting for my crappy handmedown computer to load}
welcome to the world, charity's beloved macbook air!
26 june 2012, 8:14pm
2.96 lbs, 13 inches
yet to be named - i'm leaning towards sebastian


  1. awesome! welcome to the world, sebastian eyre! now go ahead & use him to email me soooon! :)

  2. You don't have to worry about any dirty diapers!

  3. Congrats! Just in time because we ran out of computers we could pass down! So happy for you!

  4. You are hilarious! I laughed out loud at your birth announcement. The husband still works for HP...but I LOVE my iphone :)!!!