sunday of stanford and sea

after a slumber party in my bedroom and wonderful church meetings on sunday morning, eli and julie and i headed to stanford and then to the sea.

we had two picnics in two very pretty places.
campus was packed with people because it was graduation!
it was super foggy along the coast.
we called our dad to wish him a happy father’s day.
we drove through the foothills at golden hour.

IMG_8150 stan1 stan2IMG_8169pp1 pp2IMG_8200IMG_8205

i love how visitors help me remember that i live in a pretty remarkable place.


  1. Enjoyed this post because it reminded me of two years ago when our son graduated from Stanford MBA....that campus is incredible.

  2. Hi Charity,

    I just wanted to say that you are truly inspirational. Reading all your blog makes me realize I want to be like you when I turn 26, which is 3 years later. You are amazing, so confident and so daring. :)

  3. um. just a reminder. i believe you never forget what a place you live.

  4. Let's see, should you be an "Adventure in San Francisco Tour Guide" or a "Gourmet Food and Party Planner? Maybe both. Seems that you're doing all that AND working at a full-time job! There is just no end to your talents?

  5. I should have added A "Thrills to See in Palo Alto Guide"

  6. .thanks for sharing