i live in a place that people often visit

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my friend susie was in town last weekend. isn’t she adorable??

susie and i spent a couple of weeks together in guatemala last summer. as it turns out, our spirits are astonishingly kindred. our friendship is packed with real empathy and loads of understanding. susie is so refreshing to be around. it was so fun and easy to hang out with her for a few hours in the city that gloriously sunny saturday.

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i told you i’d dedicate a blog post to you, susie girl!

and! bonus! i also got to see my mission companion sister jenks (that is thoroughly not her name now that she’s both no longer a missionary and has a new last name thanks to marriage – but that’s what she’ll always be to me) on saturday in the city! we met up for ike’s sandwiches at dolores park. it was fantastic to catch up and meet her husband and most of all to reminisce on the incredible days we spent together as missionaries.


hooray for san francisco being a gathering place!


  1. You inspire me like no other!

  2. I love that you wear skirts so often! Where is the one you have on from? Pockets in skirts are a dream.

  3. Charity, you are so cute! I love reading your blog because it gets me all re-inspired to discover California when I go back home! Also, reading about your friendships and the way you discover life is so encouraging.

    perfectly priya

  4. Yay!! Thanks for the shout out! I feel so priviledged. You know I feel the same way about you, completely. Thanks so much for sacrificing your precious time to play tour guide for the billionth time. I just love you and pray for your success and happiness. Keep up the good work girl!!