independence day eve

on the third of july, i went with a group of friends to the a's/redsox game in oakland. what better way to celebrate independence day eve than with america's favorite pastime? 

i really, really love live baseball. there's something just so very swell about the atmosphere of the stadium, the crowds, the food, the green grass, the announcer's booming voice, the seventh inning stretch. i was giddy as we walked through the oakland colosseum to our seats. 

that real feeling of hearty, down-home patriotism always sneaks up on me those first days of july - especially in a ball park. 

of course i was cheering for my beloved bosox, and of course i was surrounded by a's fans. we sat behind the most awesome group of 12-year-old girls - a championship softball team celebrating a great season at a major-league game. they had made homemade signs and got so into the action on the diamond. they were giggly as they gave me quite a lot of grief for being a redsox fan, and i loved heckling them back. for nine innings i was able to refute any comments by simply pointing out the scoreboard. but in the bottom of the ninth, the a's came back and won the game. my voice was gone and my head sure hung in shame! but i appreciated the exciting ending and the jubilant fans. 

after the game, there was a spectacular fireworks show complete with roaring patriotic music. the fireworks exceeded my expectations, and i couldn't wipe the smile off my face!

yes, ian's outfit is amazing. it was gradually unveiled in the first three innings.
i wish i could have gotten a picture of the whole group, but this was our car -full of fans.

i am grateful for my country and for my freedom. there are many things i love about america. baseball is one of the things i love the very most. 

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