lots of sunny bits

despite the literal and metaphorical fog, it was so wonderful to have my beloved friends graham and lorriane in town. i had been looking forward to seeing them in america for years! their son is getting married in idaho today, and i'm so glad they decided to fly into san francisco and make the drive rather than heading straight to the wedding location. i met graham and lorraine when i was serving my mission in england, and even though we've only known each other for a few years, they feel like lifelong family friends. we've had some neat experiences together, and there's a special place in my heart for these two. they are exceptional examples of genuine human goodness. 

the highlights of graham and lorraine's visit included:
  • reacquainting myself with british slang and idioms 
  • lots of cheekiness and laughing about mutual friends and memories
  • getting caught up on the happenings both here and there in the last year
  • explaining american oddities (like stop signs)
  • graham and lorraine's first taste of sourdough bread
  • a morning stroll through golden gate park
  • the foggy and misty view from the top of the de young tower
  • introducing graham and lorraine to "it's it" ice cream sandwiches and proper park stand hot dogs
  • walking past the conservatory of flowers and enjoying everything in bloom in the park
  • enjoying the hippie vibe on haight street; listening to a corner-side bluegrass band
  • showing off my favorite colorful victorian homes on the hills
  • waiting in the line (sorry, queue) for a sandwich at ike's place
  • trolley ride up market street
  • crowds, hearts and shops in union square
  • stopping every hour or so to buy a root beer! (not available in the uk)
  • riding the glass elevators up and down three times and swooning over clear views (and giggling at graham's evident fear of heights!)
  • a quick peak of chinatown
  • cable car ride up and down steep california street - hanging off the edge and being dazzled by the hills - and then down the other cable track to fisherman's wharf
  • the at-first unobstructed views of the bay bridge and the city from the bay cruise
  • that moment when the bridge popped out of the fog! 
  • sailing around alcatraz
  • showing graham and lorraine what real mexican food is at a taqueria in the mission (i don't think they liked it one bit!)
  • graham and lorraine's first experience attending church in a singles' ward, and hearing their impressions afterwards!
  • after driving over the invisible fogged-out golden gate bridge, cruising down the hill into sunny sausalito and ahhhing at the pretty sights
  • catching a tiny glimpse of the charcoal and teal coastline from the scenic (yeah right! pure fog!) lookout point and asking other miffed tourists to take our picture with no backdrop
  • driving along the misty coast back to palo alto
  • being with people who i know genuinely care about me and are so kindly interested in the direction my life is going
aren't they the cutest? it was lovely to get a good dose of britishness back in my life. i'm so excited to hear about graham and lorraine's roadtripping adventures around the western united states. these two are just so, so great - some of the best hearts on earth i'm very blessed to have these friends, and to have had so many sunny bits of time with them last weekend.

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  1. Thanks for taking such great care of this lovely couple. They so deserved a great time in America which you provided so royally! Hope you gave them a hug from us!