the fourth


i love the fourth of july!

i got to spend the holiday on coronado island with my brother and his family (who live in san diego) and my sister and her family (who stay at the hotel del coronado every independence day). it was so good to be with family while celebrating america.

before noah and kristi and i went to meet up with shawni and dave at the hotel del, we went out for an all-american lunch at phil’s bbq (one of the top ten highest rated restaurants in the country on yelp). mmmmmboy.

4th1 4th2

we hung out on the beach for a little bit while shawni, dave and the kids were checking into their room. they came down to meet us and when my niece claire spotted us she came running through the sand to give me a big hug. i love reunion moments like that.

we checked out the inside of the amazing hotel and then hung out by the pool.

2012-07-04 summer 53382

and then took some pictures before heading to the park for dinner and fireworks. shawni and dave were so nice to let us crash their party with their friends.

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we had pizza and then shawni and dave’s friends handed out hundreds of glowsticks. it was pretty magical sitting there on the grass as day ended and night slipped in, the palm trees silhouetted against the indigo sky, and then the air lighting up with glowing necklaces, bracelets and headbands all around.

did you know that the city of san diego’s fireworks show malfunctioned and the entire fifteen minutes of fireworks went off in just nine seconds? we were sitting there glowing when all of a sudden the world lit up in a blaze and fire exploded in the distant sky in one big bang. it was pretty amazing! luckily the coronado fireworks went off one by one and we had a great show of bursts and sparkles dancing to patriotic music.

4th5 4th6

it seems like every fourth for at least the past three years i have made a resolution to be more patriotic. this is going to be my year.

i am super grateful for freedom and liberty … oh and also the blessing of great american bbq.


  1. SO super jealous that not only did you get to enjoy one of my favourite holidays...but that you got to enjoy it in my favourite place - SD! and on Coronado too - how I love that little island! That BBQ place you went to looked a-mazing! Sounds like you had a great time...and Lucy just grows more and more beautiful with every picture I see of her! How my family and I adore her cuteness!

  2. I made the same resolve! Thank goodness it's an Olympic game year to help me with thank ;)

  3. I love that Lucy jumps into every family picture :) looks like a grand old time! We made burgers, dogs and apple pies here in Brazil. But we did miss being home for the celebration. Love the firework pic. LOVE fireworks.