bean town reunion


the six of us girls were all studying in boston at the same time (wellesley, harvard, bu, tufts, wellesley, tufts). it was so fun to have a little reunion on saturday over mission tacos and bi-rite ice cream. krystal was in town from new york city and lauren just moved here from minneapolis! these are inspiring, incredible women.

i cannot believe it has been nearly five years since i left boston. so much has happened. friendship is such a welcome constant.


  1. love it! what darling bright faces!

  2. Yay! There's my step-daughter Amanda! So fun!

  3. Haha, apparently my family reads your blog, Charity. Thank goodness you took a picture! I can't believe we almost didn't document this wonderful occasion. I'm stealing this pic, k?

  4. This is JOYFUL! Love each and every one of you ladies.


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