to round off 46 hours full of people i love…

…i spent my utah sunday at church, in milcreek canyon picnicking with dani and keri and other cool kids, at a random park in between salt lake and ogden with my sister and niece, in front of the temple sunset with nikki, and in the lobby of my parents’ building for a quick hug and hello before dashing to the airport.IMG_4463IMG_4466photo.PNGIMG_4468IMG_4473IMG_4475IMG_4478IMG_4481
i sure packed places and people i adore into my quick utah weekend.


  1. Charity is beautiful. Love your smile and your happiness. I always will!

  2. LOVE it, and love YOU!!! So glad I got to see you, even if it was short. Airport friends forever. (AFF!)

  3. How fun to be together if only for a few minutes! I didn't get one picture of our wild and wonderful weekend so now at least we have this one!

    Love you!

  4. love that you got ot be there Cheech. Love you so much!


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