last saturday i went up to san francisco for a day full of places i’d never seen in the city that has my heart. kelsey showed brittany and i around some secret spots.
we had fun at the seward street slides, at a park nuzzled into the castro hills:
P9087215  P9087230  P9087214P9087216 P9087236
it was a sunny lovely day (yay for indian summer in sf!) so we walked from the castro to the mission. i loved discovering yet unseen street art and fabulous victorians:
P9087241P9087244--P9087242 P9087292
we browsed through some fantastic valencia street shops, like paxton gate with it’s animal heads, curious trinkets and captivating succulents:
P9087247 P9087253
P9087246 P9087248
and the pirate store, which was hilariously awesome:
P9087269P9087271 P9087257
{the pirate store has all these cubbies you can open to find outrageously clever pirate supplies. i happened to open one marked “entrap” that caused a net to drop down and capture me!}
after swooning over some the creativity and quirk of valencia street shops, we stopped by the san francisco public library in civic center:
P9087273 P9087277
at lunchtime, we headed to shakespeare in the park at the presidio. we’d just chatted about how much we love public transportation, and then it took us over an hour to get to the main post lawn. it was sad because we ran out of time to explore, but i kind of loved the long journey, under the glad blue sky passing harlequin homes and zany people and gathering up color and vitality from the city.
we sat on the grass and ate and watched just a bit of henry v. the presidio was basking in sunshine and the golden gate bridge was peaking on us around the corner.
there’s no end to exploration in san francisco. when i’m there i want to live there again so much, but mostly i just want to emulate the city’s colorfulness wherever i go.


  1. i am being completely serious when i say that the word "colorful" is the first to come to mind when i think of you -- it fits you perfectly! you (& your yellow sandals) are awesome, charity!

  2. I just love you a whole heaping-barrel-full-of-monkeys lot.


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