i love camping

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one of my favorite things is to arrive somewhere in the dark, dark of night and then discover where i am in the morning. on friday i drove along a windy, windy road to camp lehi in the santa cruz moutains, set up a tent in the dark, pillow talked into the wee hours and then woke up to the grandeur of being enveloped in morning nature.

the weekend included hikes with views across the vast hills to the pacific ocean, zooming through the trees on a zipline, ropes/challenge course activities, no cell phone service, lots of sunshine and food, a hilarious variety show under the stars, campfires and socializing, a bumping dance party in the mess hall, and to top it off, church meetings in a magnificent redwood grove.


we sang “for the beauty of the earth” and “how great thou art” in sacrament meeting. when the breeze rustled the tops of the incredibly tall trees, dead amber boughs rained from the sundrenched sky.

i really love camping.


  1. This area looks beautiful. Did you do it for a work team-building? By the way, I love reading your blog. Very honest and refreshing!

  2. Camp Lehi! We camped there so many times when we lived in the Bay Area. Miss that place. And really really love that tree with the peeling bark and the red underneath - those were always my favorite.

  3. WOW! What a picture. Light keeps us alive and vibrant. It's so....enthusiastic!


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