this week i’m feeling truly privileged to work where i work. and that awareness is really a requisite and apt tender mercy.

clayton christensen was in the office for our board meeting on tuesday and the following evening i was able to attend a speech of his at the church in palo alto. i sat there in the crowd just full-up, feeling incredibly honored to be involved in dr. christensen’s work.

two summers ago at bear lake, my brother had me read this interview aloud as a group of us drove to the other side of the lake. i felt deeply impressed. little did i know that in a few months i would be accepting a job as a researcher applying clayton christensen’s theories to the education sector. i’m grateful this week to reflect on all i have learned since i joined the innosight institute team and to ruminate on how this chapter of my life has been divinely orchestrated to be a part of my mortal curriculum.

{my favorite articles by clay are here and here}


  1. You are truly, truly blessed. He is a special kind of genius!

    And you're not bad yourself!

  2. He grew up in Rose Park, graduating from West High. He comes from a wonderful, incredibly intelligent family.

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