after sunrise, we drove to the bottom of yosemite national park to check out the giant sequoia grove. giant, indeed!

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tired but amazed and happy, we decided to leave the park and take some back roads to return to the highway west to the bay. we had planned to go to sacrament meeting in a little town on the way home, but those back roads were preeeeetty windy, and we ended up with about 20 minutes to get to the church 45 miles away. i told kelsey “i really just don’t want to be late for the sacrament…this is when you just hope, hope for a really long opening song and a baby blessing or two.” (the focal point of our sunday worship is partaking of the sacrament, and in sacrament meetings the administering of the bread and water doesn’t happen until after an opening song and prayer.very  occasionally there is an ordinance – baby blessing or confirmation – that occurs in sacrament meeting, and those ordinances are also performed before the sacrament is administered.)

well, we got to the church 17 minutes after the meeting had started, frantically changed into skirts in the parking lot, and ran to the chapel doors, only to peek inside and see a baby blessing! yay – we made it in time. i love love going to church all over the world, even in random po-dunk central california towns, renewing my covenants and feeling the truth of the gospel and the sweet fellowship of the saints.

when kelsey dropped me off at my car in san mateo she said, “well, this one goes down in the history books.” indeed. what a fabulous yosemite road trip adventure.


  1. Charity-

    Have you been to the Redwood Forrest in North California? If not, that is definitely a must do road trip. I grew up in the Bay Area and went there a few years ago. It is amazing. This is the address to a nice KOA campground nearby.

    4050 U.S. 101 Eureka, CA 95503
    (707) 822-4243

  2. Sometime we HAVE to go see this with the girls. Maybe MFME. It is GORGEOUS!


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