my very own

i just concluded a 4.5 day trip to new orleans for a conference for work. i was hugely charmed by the balconies in the french quarker and the quirky shops along magazine street, fantastically creeped out by the above-ground cemeteries, dazzled by the jazz and blues streaming through the streets, tickled by the southern feel of it all and immensely gratified by the hearty louisiana cooking.

but perhaps the best part of the trip was this:
IMG_0754my very own hotel room!!

what a luxury!! one i’ve never had before. i was giddy about it.


  1. You have to admit, there are some nice perks to this job! It's a far cry from sleeping in the bathtub when there were nine kids in tow!

  2. ha ha, all alone in your own room with 2 beds!


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