one of the top five days of the year

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i really do think that general conference sunday is one of the top five days of the year. yes, up there with thanksgiving and christmas. i love general conference.

i love this spiritual feast. i love gleaning comfort and peace and love and determination and understanding from the words of the prophets and apostles. it’s as if moses or abraham, or peter or james or john, were speaking to us! but even better, because these prophets and apostles live in our time and mortally know our circumstances. i love thinking about millions and millions of earnest people all over the world tuning in to the same voices. i love feeling testimony, faith, assurance, hope melt in my bones as i listen and ponder and make lists of how to be better and what to do to be happier as i’m reminded how much god loves me.

i love listening to the mormon tabernacle choir (and chatting about their outfits, and discussing their increased diversity). i love the half-way point in each session when we all stand up and sing a hymn together (yes, i do that even when i am watching on tv). i love the shots of salt lake city and temple square, of the thousands gathered in the conference center.

i love snuggling up with a blanket in my pajamas to watch conference. i love remembering conferences gone by, listening with my family, or as a missionary, or with friends in different places i’ve lived, or at the conference center. growing up, my dad would always turn all three tvs in our house on full-blast, along with the radio in the living room, and the words of the prophets reverberated through the walls. i love doodling as i take notes. and maybe almost most than anything (!) i love eating brunch between sessions (this year it was from-scratch pumpkin pancakes, fruit and apple cider).

i love that every april and every october i get a couple of days to heartily celebrate being a mormon.

i love the spiritual feast of general conference. i love the traditions of general conference.


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