riding bikes with dani

dani and i have riden bikes together in: provo, boston, new york city, the gaza strip, chaing mai (if you count a scooter), nauvoo, huntington beach, and probably one or two other places that i am forgetting. so when she came to visit me a few weeks ago, i took her bike riding through the napa vineyards.


it was the most gorgeous, sunny, warm day in napa valley and i couldn’t contain my excitement for all the beauty around us. a group of us (including jonathan, who dani and i went to jerusalem with, and his wife polin) cruised along marveling at the views and soaking up the sun. it was a splendid afternoon.


we had a picnic lunch by a lake and dani played the uke for us.


we stopped at a cute little pumpkin patch. the autumn afternoon light made me feel like we were in a fairyland.


we rode down these beautiful roads to a fabulous winery and an olive oil tasting place, where we got free oil and vinegar for playing/singing a ukulele song.


at the end of our ride, we stopped to check out the foliage up close, eat some tiny, delicious grapes right off the vine, and, you know, just frolic a bit down the rows.

IMG_9674 IMG_9675 IMG_9679 IMG_9680IMG_9683IMG_9686IMG_9682 IMG_9688


it was a golden day of sensory delight.



also while dani was here:
-thai food
-a walk to the top of mt. davidson
-a sunday stroll along ocean beach
-showing her off to friends at church
-buying matching feather earrings at a random farmer's’ market
-a picnic in golden gate park
-chatting at jonathan and polin’s house
-wandering through the mission

i love this girl wherever we are in the world, and forever, ever.

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  1. Your hair looks red again. Maybe it's just the light! What beautiful light! Love that Dani et al!