bonfire night

kelsey and i threw our annual guy fawkes bonfire party last friday night.
{previous bonfire nights here, here and here} {yes, i wear the same outfit every year…}

we made a killer effigy (pun intended) and brought him down to ocean beach and lit up a big blaze:PB028686
i made my traditional “trifle shots”:
PB028675 PB028682
we introduced guy to our friends:
PB028690 PB028693PB028718
and ate hob nobs:
and then fueled up the fire for the burning of evil guy fawkes.
we told the story of the gunpowder plot to all the revelers:
then we all chanted the “remember, remember” rhyme, hollered and cheered:
and threw the guy to the flames.
then out came the hundreds of sparklers:
PB028750 PB028751PB028753 IMG_1886
and neat fireworks too, including bottle rockets that shot into the sky across the beach.
it was the airborne fireworks that caused our (jealous) beach bonfire neighbors to call the police.
we had to scatter out of there pretty quick to avoid fines from the officer,
who we became fast friends with as we put out the fire. we taught him a little about guy fawkes.
it was a really epic night.


  1. I think it's brill that you celebrate firework (bonfire) night:). I love how excited you get about it.

    Good ol' Hob Nobs:) I'll have to try & make some triffle shots myself, mind you Waitrose do some really lovely mini triffles & I often have a couple at the weekend.

    I bet you'd had been gutted if you hadn't been able to enjoy your firework night. The guy was brill by the way:)

    Best wishes from the UK. (Reading stake)


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