hau'oli la ho'omakika'i

this is where i spent thanksgiving morning:IMG_0717IMG_0716
on the beach in hawaii with nieces and nephews. not too shabby!
(my brother jonah lives on maui, so me and my brother noah and his family
hopped over there for thanksgiving)
after a little beach time, we headed home to jonah and aja’s house to prepare the feast:
IMG_0730 IMG_0756
jonah and noah had woken up at 4am to put the turkeys in the imu pit.
they cooked on top of puka puka rocks wrapped in banana leaves for nearly 12 hours!
isn’t jonah and aja’s garden neat? there have about 40 chickens and all kinds of fruit trees.
taking the turkeys out:
IMG_0740 IMG_0755IMG_0764
and dressing up to commemorate those great pilgrims and indians:
photo (9)
our spread: (and check out that stash of tropical fruit!)
we ate out on the newly constructed lanai (hawaiian deck):
IMG_0779 IMG_0771IMG_0784
and hooray for the pumpkin pie!
we had such a great, grateful day.
this year i am especially thankful to have family members that live in hawaii.


  1. not a bad way to spend thanksgiving...and how fun to eat some AUTHENTIC turkey too!

  2. Imu turkeys are the best! Man, I'm kinda jealous!

  3. WOW! Wish we'd have come a few days earlier. This turkey baking method is to die for. In fact getting up at 4 a.m. to start the fire might actually kill you the next day! Way to go Jonah for figuring this all out...and Aja for the beautiful table and awesome salad with wild raspberries and Kristi for bringing the pilgrim gear and Noah for cutting out the stump of the banana tree and Charity for making the cranberry sauce! What a Thanksgiving to remember!


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