i rode in a hot air balloon. i’m not even lying.

yes, indeed. i sailed through the golden dawn sky over the napa vineyards in a basket under a colorful parachute of hot air. check that one off the bucket list. it was really, truly incredible – everything i’d wished a hot air balloon ride would be and more.

the scenery was outrageous. i took too many pictures.

IMG_1085IMG_1089 IMG_1091IMG_1102IMG_1107IMG_1132IMG_1124IMG_1145IMG_1127IMG_1152 IMG_1140IMG_1143IMG_1144IMG_1149IMG_1162IMG_1154IMG_1160

we stopped for brunch at a cafe in a red barn, and walked through some rows in the foliagey, gilded vineyards, and stopped at the golden gate overlook because we simply had to to celebrate such a euphoric sunny day in the bay.


not a bad saturday morning…!


  1. AH! This is bucket list for me too! How amazing.

    And Ian! also great.

  2. These pictures are phenomenal!!!! Thank you for taking so many. What a lovely Saturday!

  3. Yes. I think you should thank the young man who accompanied you with a name...

  4. HOW FANTASTIC!! Great shots too!
    PS. We moved last week and now have a bed for you and your friends, come anytime!!

  5. Loved the spectacular shots. Like that young man too!


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