sisters weekend (part 2)

on sunday after church we went to the hotel auberge du soleil for some lunch and this view:
i love these women so so much.
we snuck down to that pool/lounge area you see below us and talked about the gospel.
then, i took my mom and sisters (kindred art lovers) to the hess gallery to show them some neat art.
that entire wall is made of sticks and thorns and nothing else. it is in a room with molten rocks and paintings made from dyed snowballs. i loved sharing this good stuff with my sisters.
we walked up the road to a beautiful monastery with some killer views…and found some cool leaves.
and ate some tiny napa grapes right off the vine…
we sat and watched the sunset and sang “for the beauty of the earth” together.
and then swooned over food again at cindy’s backstreet kitchen in st. helena.

we talked about gospel principles and church culture, great books and movies and music, about being in love and showing gratitude, about raising children and making margins in our busy lives and all the complexities and joys of being an eyre woman. it was dreamy to be with my mom and sisters – to adventure with them, to appreciate beauty with them, to eat with them and mostly to talk with them.

i am so blessed.


  1. Did you really swoon? What was the restaurant managers response like when that happened?

  2. Eli! Honestly. These pictures are to die for! I think I want my camera back....someday!


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