bamboo hike

on the day after thanksgiving, we headed 8 miles up the windy “road to hana” to conquer the “bamboo hike.” us eyre siblings went on this hike every time we came to maui as kids. i remember my brothers teaching me how to be “tough girl” as i tried so earnestly to not cry or complain through the bamboo forest and up the rock walls and over the waterfalls and scrambling through the riverbed. i really do owe a lot of my toughness to those experiences as a young girl. i love that place for that. and because it is really, really beautiful and such a grand adventure!

the path off hana highway starts in a dense bamboo forest: IMG_0673IMG_0676
and leads to four waterfalls. in order to get to the top, you must climb up a few rock walls:
IMG_0916 IMG_0685IMG_0913 IMG_0851
clamber through rocks in the river and squish through lots of mud:
swim for a while through pretty icy water:
and climb right up the face of the third waterfall (mckay’s showing that takes some muscles):
all 13 of us made it to the top waterfall – including baby poem (nearly 2) and baby bennett (nearly 1).
we are pretty awesome.
IMG_0709IMG_0698 IMG_0699
then a whole other adventure getting back down! we shuttled the babies through the water:
IMG_0728-001 IMG_0729
bennett had a little nap:
IMG_0810IMG_0834 IMG_0830
we got all kids down the cliffs:
IMG_0837 IMG_0839IMG_0835 IMG_0817
and we stopped for a little swimming/jumping in at the second waterfall:
IMG_0855IMG_0853 IMG_0870IMG_0904IMG_0909
IMG_0864 IMG_0868IMG_0918IMG_0934
we were pretty dirty and so hungry by the time we made it back to the bamboo forest.
we sat in all the trees and had a picnic of thanksgiving turkey sandwiches.
IMG_0889 IMG_0947IMG_0964

after the hike we went a little further up the road to hana to this pretty spot to try some fishing. we didn’t catch anything but we did eat some coconut right off the tree and we did find some pretty cool looking sea urchin things to try to use as bait.

IMG_0732IMG_0981 IMG_0982IMG_0979 IMG_0975IMG_0737-001IMG_0739-001 IMG_0740-001

2-year-old cubby threw up in the back seat of the car on the windy drive home. we were all super dirty and tired but so happy about our adventures.


  1. I really love your blog, Charity, and the tales of your adventures are inspiring!!

  2. Love it. Nothing like those waterfalls in Maui, so fabulous!!

  3. LOVE the naked toddler while swimming at the second waterfall on the way down. SO CUTE!

  4. Honestly, I can't believe you did this with all those little kids! AMAZING!

  5. Where is this hike on the road to Hana? Is it closer to Paia? We would love to do this hike when we go to Maui next summer.


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