on saturday morning, we made some spam musubi to pack for lunch
and drove to lahaina for some beach time.
IMG_0988 IMG_1007
(this is jonah and aja’s “maui cruiser.” it runs on used vegetable oil,
has rusted holes in the floor, and carries the boards on the roof just great!)
after catching some waves on the paddle board and watching ana’s awesome surf skills at laniopoko,
we went to black rock beach where noah tried to cajole his kids into trying snorkeling…
IMG_0991 IMG_1001
but it was easy for me to convince hawaii-boy camden to head out to sea with me to explore underwater.
we saw tons of incredibly colorful fish and came face-to-face with a ginormous turtle.
black rock beach is right in front of the sheraton resort,
so it was nice to sneak in for a quick dip in the hot tub after some cliff jumping near sunset.
they have this little ceremony every night where this guy lights up the torches and dives off black rock.
we went to cheesburger in paradise in lahaina town. it was so fun with all those kids and live rock music right on the ocean. us eyre kids used to go to cheeseburger in paradise every time we were in lahaina.
and then we went to see the magical banyan tree in the middle of town. i love that place.
IMG_1033IMG_1039 IMG_1048
lyla and elsie did some awesome swinging on the banyan branches.
IMG_1065 IMG_1066
i think this is the only picture we have of all thirteen of us. great quality, huh?
photo (33)
yes, we all slept in jonah and aja’s three-bedroom house.
and it was such a party. love those late-night talks after the kids are in bed.


  1. No mention of Lahaina the cat?!

  2. We love this place too! How did you get that last picture with so much light? I didn't dare turn on my flash so you can barely see them but i don't think you turned yours on either. Hmmm.

    Anyway, great to see all this since we missed it in person!

    Josh, Our darling cat who was named after this great place was a great one. May she RIP!


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