scenes of saturday in the city

i spent last saturday showing this boy some of my favourite spots in my city.IMG_1301
we went to the ferry building market, sat on the sand at china beach for a little while,
wandered through chinatown and north beach, and ate pizza on my rooftop at sunset.
these are place in san francisco that i can go to over and over and over and still get excited about.
IMG_1274IMG_1276 IMG_1286IMG_1278IMG_1280IMG_1283IMG_1284photo (18)IMG_1291IMG_1292IMG_1296IMG_1297IMG_1294IMG_1302IMG_1298
my heart is growing and glowing.


  1. hi! Just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your blog! You are such a gem! My family and I moved to the Bay Area...we are in Concord actually...a few months ago (from Utah) and we love it! I have loved looking at your blog to see places you recommend and can't wait to try them out. I love your positive outlook on life and all the fun you have! Thanks for sharing your blog!
    Jen Paris

  2. Hey Charity. The pictures lool great! Is that your boyfriend actually? You guys look so hsppy!

  3. Who is that cute boy, I wonder?! ;)


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