sleeping under the christmas tree

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last friday i showed up at my dear neighbors’ house in my pajamas with a sack full of baking supplies, a sleeping bag and a toothbrush. we prepared some breakfast foods for a christmas morning party the next day while listening to christmas music and then watched while you were sleeping all snuggled up. we read 3 nephi 1 (the christmas story of the book of mormon) together by twinklelight before bed. and then! we slept under the christmas tree. 

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it. was. magical.

the next morning a buuuunch of friends came over in pjs for breakfast. brittany and i made nutella cinnamon rolls to contribute to the spread. they didn’t rise quite right, but they were delicious in all their dense glory. it was my first time making cinnamon rolls from scratch and i was quite proud.

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it was such a jolly and cozy and lovely morning eating and mingling and enjoying with friends.

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  1. That sounds like an awesome thing to do ... maybe a new tradition to start

    I'm hoping that i get time enough in the few days before christmas to make these and drop them off to friends for Christmas morning breakfast

  2. Will you be wearing pants to church on Sunday?

  3. Beautiful stuff! Gotta try those nutella rolls! Looks fabulous, risen or not! How fun!


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