a little magic off the i5

the boy and i drove south to san diego this weekend to visit my brother, sister-in-law, nephews and niece. on the way down the i5 on friday night, we stopped in the middle of nowhere (a spot strategically chosen as the farthest from any light pollution along the route) to look at the stars. the boy had a paper lantern in his trunk (we’ve been setting them off from time to time…) and surprised me also with a box of 200 sparklers! we were on a dark road lined with orchards. we set off the lantern into the night sky and sparkled for a few minutes before continuing on our long drive.




  1. I really like that boy and adore that pizzazzy girl!!

  2. Those are two big smiles in the light of the sparklers! Super cute, & really romantic!

  3. that second photo is the absolute cutest!!! oh my, the happiness -



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