girls i really, really, really love

while in utah, i got to see so many of the humans i love the very very most. i have been tremendously blessed by incredible friendships in my life. my heart was so full after being able to spend time with all of these spectacular friends.
photo (25)
breakfast with dani and jane
we were in jerusalem together and we are soul sisters
photo (26)
dinner with erin and mallory
we had a sleepover together most fridays two years of high school
you know it’s good when you are laughing to tears in the first 5 minutes
photo (24)
snuggling baby miya and meeting baby dottie
and loving catching up with their moms and jeanette, too!
we were roommates at byu (after abby and i were besties from junior high)
photo (23)
snowshoeing with julie
we met as dc interns and discovered we were dancing soulmates and kindred spirits
we’ve snowshoed together every christmas break since 2007!
photo (27)
sleepover with cath
i have more laughs and memories with this girl than almost anyone
we watched high school musical and reminisced on the good ole east high days
photo (28)
hot drinks with jane, blake and baby max
we’ve been best friends since we were just about max’s size
photo (29)
thai lunch with dani and sara
we’ve sung together (with dani on the uke) in six countries and six states (at least!)
lots of hugs and a few tears shed in the parking lot when saying goodbye


  1. I love that you & Cath watched High School Musical together. Wish I could have joined that party!

  2. We love these women too! BFF!

  3. You are so good at keeping up with everyone! Thanks again for the reunion last year--we miss you!


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