top of a tower, bow of a ship

the boy and i spent saturday in the city. we started by trekking up telegraph hill to coit tower.IMG_1388IMG_1396 IMG_1404IMG_1401IMG_1403IMG_1406
it was such a clear crisp day…so the views weren’t too bad…!
i liked finding wishing coins from all over the world on the window sills.
the last time i was at the top of coit tower, it was when i very first became a san franciscan.
see that long curvy pier and big old boat in the very right of the picture above? the hyde street pier & maritime park, that’s where we headed next. it’s a sliver of the city i’ve always wanted to explore.
and see that skinny tower on top of the hill to the right of the boat? that’s where we came from!
i loved seeing all the workings of the different ships against the blue sky
and with the golden gate bridge as a backdrop
we had this old ship pretty much all to ourselves!
which meant we had to employ the self-timer strategically… also, it was very windy!
we were rushing to get to a street art tour in the mission (those pictures coming next!),
so i’m determined to go back to the hyde street pier to more adequately explore.
it really was a hay of a day in the bay!
sometimes i just really can’t believe san francisco. it’s too good.


Eyrealm said...

Beauty shots! Cute boy and girl too!

Julie & Ash said...

Love that city too!! Hope that you are well! Looking forward to next post!

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