…so true, right?
i am a firm believer that:
-eating as a mechanism to fuel ourselves is a true gift from god.
-meals and snacks should always
be savored (and we should not
waste time or calories eating things
that aren’t very yummy – there’s
too much delicious out there!).
-life is too short to have a boring
eating life. and everything is worth
a try.
-food is indeed glorious!

i've had some amazingly scrumptious and pretty food in the past week:
photo photo (1)
^^ gourmet bruchetta for an office celebration                        ^^ sushi with josephine and the boy

i’m a foodie. and i like it.


  1. I like to too! Can't wait to enjoy some great food together this weekend!

  2. Haha love this! I want this print in my house one day!

  3. oh man, you capitalize on one of my biggest loves. Well put, and great pictures. I want to try all that brusetta. Recipes?


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