an education conference and slumber parties

this past weekend was the silicon valley education conference. single mormons came to our neck of the woods from all over the country to learn, be inspired, network and have fun. it was a really great event. on friday night elder jeffrey r. holland [one of the twelve apostles] spoke to us, and on saturday there were lots of different workshops and presentations that were genuinely very educational and stimulating (and food trucks for lunch!). on saturday night i got to man a booth about exploring san francisco and the bay area at the fun evening event, which also included a photo booth…


steph, my dear friend from my city days, stayed in palo alto with me for the weekend so she wouldn’t have to drive back and forth. it was so fun to have her around and to have two slumber parties with her! we were overdue for some catching up and had some great pillow talk (one of my most favourite things!).

the main take-away for me from the conference was basically this – there is great power in sacrifice and sometimes we have to give up in order to not give up. i’m grateful for the perspectives i gained this weekend.


  1. Such an enriching and gorgeous weekend. I must say it does my soul good to be with a dear friend like you, C! Thanks for having me and hosting some high-quality pillow talk. Loved it and love you!

  2. Does this mean "the boy" is no more..... ;(

  3. You are rocking those bangs!!!

  4. Guess no more boy-that is sad to learn...

  5. C'mon Charity, let us in on the boy news. We're all fans and we're dying to know. (And I'm a different "anonymous" than the others above.) Please.


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