holy week

on sunday night brittany and i went to the cathedral of christ the light in oakland to see lamb of god, an incredible easter oratorio (kind of like a mix between a pageant and a concert) performed. i was excited to see the interior of this modern cathedral that i had noticed on the shores of lake merritt. the architecture was mesmerizing. and the performance was gorgeous and goosebumpy and resounding.

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it was a great way to kick off holy week leading up to easter sunday.

then, tonight i went to an easter concert in stanford’s memorial church. i love that building with all of my heart. the musical performances were outstanding, and i was about to burst at the seams with easter spirit. at the end we all stood and sang redeemer of israel with the magnificent organ. all the sounds and faith were reverberating among the mosaics and the cherry wood and it was transcendent. i sang as loud as i could.

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i’m grateful for this time of year that provides extra opportunities to think about the saviour – his life, death and resurrection. i’ve been thinking a lot about the holy week i spent in jerusalem, about what the atonement really means to me, about the blessings of perspective and hope and peace. jesus is alive.

{some other thoughts on easter from last year here}

this weekend i am headed to arizona to celebrate easter with my sister shawni and her family, and i am so so excited! i’ve noticed some concerned comments and just want to say – the boy is coming with me! he has been a little absent on the blog lately, but not in my life :)


  1. Charity, I always want to comment but I feel a little shy. So, here I am, just wanted to say that I think you handled that last little ps. so beautifully. I read the concerned comments too and I thought about how much it could hurt if things weren't going well and you weren't comfortable sharing. I'm very glad the boy is very much present in your life and sharing your special holidays with you. I adore the passion and beauty in your writing and photographs. Your blog is a bright spot in my day!

  2. OK, so clearly everyone loves hearing about the boy (myself included)! But I have to say it's also wonderful to see that you are continuing to make time and cherish your other relationships - with family, girlfriends, etc. That can be tough - especially in the earlier phases of a great relationship. I also read your post yesterday a little differently (which is I'm guessing what caused some concerned comments re: the boy). I thought your quote was a lovely one ("There is great power in sacrifice and sometimes we have to give up in order to not give up") and a beautiful reminder that some things in life are worth saving or putting off until the time is perfect. Cheers!

  3. Sorry, Charity. Didn't mean to bug. I was just concerned. Thanks for clarifying for us nosey people out there! Have a fab weekend with whomever you spend it with!


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