pt. reyes

when i found out early saturday morning that the whale watching boat tour the boy and i had been planning on going on for months was cancelled due to high winds, i was devastated. after a long week of craziness at work and a very heavy feeling over overwhelmedness, i was so ready for a little get-away. luckily, the boy quickly devised a back-up plan and we went to point reyes. by sunset i was so, so happy the whale watching tour was cancelled. how could we have missed this euphorically beautiful day on the edge of the earth?

we drove across the golden gate bridge and took in the sparkly view from vista point before continuing on the gorgeous drive to point reyes.

photo (2) photo (3)

the drive was outrageously pretty. we drove through redwood groves and charming towns and right along tomales bay dotted with quirky homes built over it on stilts. then, once on the peninsula of pt. reyes, we felt like we were literally in the wilderness and the rolling green hills overlooking the ocean were just spectacular to behold. i forgot my camera and both of our iphones were on very low battery, so i have minimal picture. i wanted to capture everything – it was really aesthetically magnificent!

we stopped at drake’s beach to catch the shuttle bus to the lighthouse and chimney rock. there was hardly anyone there and it was just so peaceful and lovely. i was totally bewitched by this place’s beauty.

photo (4)

there are tons of trails all over pt. reyes and we explored a little. it was super clear and bright and sunny and the incredibly strong wind made me feel so alive.

photo (47) photo (51)

we walked down the 310 steps to the lighthouse and watched the sea swell and gleam as far as the eye could see. the ocean’s movements and sheen were completely mesmerizing.

photo (48)

we walked out to the chimney point overlook and stood on top of cliffs overlooking the wide expanse all the way to the horizon. i could not stop saying how obsessed i was with pt. reyes (and we only saw a tiny sliver of it). my soul was positively fed by the open space and the gushing sea and the rushing air.

photo (49)photo (50)

we went back to drake’s beach and had a picnic on the sand, sheltered from the wind by the tawny warm cliffs. the sun felt so splendid soaking through my jacket, and as it went down it bathed the world in a sublime glow.

photo (52)

i am obsessed with pt. reyes!
maybe saturday’s situation is a lesson in being okay with having to forgo what you want/envision in exchange for something even better.