the gala

here are some more pictures from innosight institute’s 5th anniversary gala, the event that kind of consumed my work life for the past few weeks. everything worked out really well and it was such a special evening. i left feeling the weight of my privilege to be a part of something so, so great. i am tremendously honored to work for the (newly re-named) clayton christensen institute for disruptive innovation. we are changing the world.

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i got to invite a couple of my favourite people to help with registration ^^ it was fun to have them around.
it was also so fun to see my aunt and uncle ^^ at the gala!
the panel discussion after dinner included clayton christensen, sal khan of khan academy,
scott cook of intuit and  jane clayson johnson as the moderator

the most incredible team of uber-smart people that i work with ^^
our education team ^^


  1. I have to say my hair kind of looks amaze-balls in that picture. Oh, and you're awesome and you are changing the world and I love you.

  2. How fun to see this! Looks as though it was worth all the for the website!

  3. Clayton Christensen graduated from West High.

  4. What does Clayton Christensen think of the new school cirriculum Common Core?

  5. soooo wonderful! someone randomly sent me your blog! the photos of the gala are incredible!!


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