arizona easter

it was a joy to celebrate the resurrection of the saviour with the pothiers and my brother josh.2013-03-31 Easter 72126
i love shawni’s family’s easter morning tradition – the easter bunny leaves the end of a string at
the end of each kid’s bed and they have to follow it all around the house and the yard (quite a web
with five strings!) to find their easter basket. this year the bunny left max’s basket in the pool!
2013-03-31 Easter 72135 2013-03-31 Easter 721442013-03-31 Easter 72173 2013-03-31 Easter 721752013-03-31 Easter 72180
i made brunch for everyone (with some help from the boy and the kids) – scrambled eggs
in hasbrown “nests” and strawberry stuffed almond crusted french toast.
2013-03-31 Easter 721842013-03-31 Easter 722052013-03-31 Easter 72214 2013-03-31 Easter 72215
after church and a lovely easter dinner we went to shawni’s in-laws for a massive easter egg hunt.
2013-03-31 Easter 722222013-03-31 Easter 72327 2013-03-31 Easter 723292013-03-31 Easter 72283
it was so fun to sit on the lush green grass under the sunsetty sky, so warm and happy and content.
2013-03-31 Easter 72358 2013-03-31 Easter 723602013-03-31 Easter 72367 2013-03-31 Easter 72375
{the boy kissed my cheek right as i was lamenting how toooooo much easter candy made me feel!}
2013-03-31 Easter 72369
what a happy day.
i am so grateful for the hope of so many more happy days to come because christ conquered death.


  1. Oh my heck! You are so gorgeous! Especially in the photo of all of you by the front door. Whowzahs!

    Did you get the gift from Josh?


  2. you are glowing in these pictures!

  3. Love your Easter dress. So darling! Where is it from?

  4. charity! i've been reading your blog for a long time but have never commented. i feel like we have so many things in common so I love to keep reading (i'm from boston going to byu).

    Anyways two questions: 1. could you post your recipes? wow - scrambled eggs in a hash brown nest and strawberry stuffed almond crusted french toast...sounds divine!

    2. i read once that you used to work at a treatment center in Utah? I work at one now and love it. Was wondering if it was the same one.

    Thanks for letting me read. I love reading about your adventures and makes me want to move to san fransico!


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