happy things for a grouchy morning


a few weeks ago i posted this. which prompted this question from a reader:
i have been reading your blog for a good long while now, and i am always struck by your love of life, and your excitement for it...i wonder how you came to feel that way? how is it possible to be so excited amidst, well, life?! i too love life, but it weighs on me and at times i can't seem to move past the heavy and into the excited. i share your beliefs... and i am grateful for the large part they play, but seriously, how come you are so happy? share your secret!

it made me chuckle a little because the reason i had posted that thought about enjoying the day and being glad in it was because i really didn’t want to face that february 21, 2013. i was feeling super overwhelmed and life was weighing heavily on me. and, so, i decided to decide to snap out of it, recognize my blessings, exercise my skills of positivity and passion, and move forward.  i can’t remember that day perfectly, but i’m willing to bet that i wasn’t chipper and delightful in many moments. but i kept reminding myself that there is so much to be happy about.

anyone who knows me well knows that my passion for life can cause me to be intensely sad as well as ebulliently happy. i chose to revel in the humanity of deep and keen heartache and then make a decision to allow the happy to outweigh the sad. because the truth is, it does, pretty much no matter our circumstances. there is goodness all around. {that being said, i heartily acknowledge that i have been spared from much of the profound suffering that many endure. i never want to underemphasize how real and acute human hardship is.}

i am not always good at making that choice, but when i need an extra little boost to do it, it helps to post something positive on my blog. this morning i woke up feeling a little grumpy. i saw this pretty “i’m so happy today” poster online and decided to be so happy today. i thought making some quick additions to my “happy things” list {and sharing them} would help…

dipping homemade scones in my herbal tea
general conference – inspiration, traditions, faith
spring mornings
running the dish at golden hour
being healthy
a delicious and beautifully presented meal
trying a new restaurant
hugs from parents
my sparkly gold flats
wonderful coworkers and working for a cause i believe in
blossom petals in the breeze
holding hands
blog comments
emails from siblings
crystal moments of pure, pure love

p.s. two things i wanted to share:
-my friend just moved to palo alto to work for a cool new mommy startup called first opinion. it connects moms with doctors, who are also moms, through text messaging. they are offering free unlimited access to a doctor, 24/7, on your iphone! there are a limited number of slots available, so if you have questions you've always wanted answered (but didn't want to drag all the kids to the doctor, or sit on the phone with a nurse, or sift through a mountain of webmd articles) contact my friend asap at beta@firstopinion.co, and if you're accepted, she'll match you up with a doctor.
-there’s a new app in the app store called lds temple passport. it’s a fun way to keep track of the temples you have been to and learn cool temple facts. i’m excited to get a “stamp” for each of the 38 temples i have visited.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! :) Love reading everything you're doing.. gives me ideas for my own SF adventures!
    Are you going on the camping trip this weekend to Little Basin campground? I think we're gonna go. It would be fun to hang out there.
    Thanks again!

  2. LOVE the temple app!! Thanks for sharing. We are on a quest with our kids. My husband's gonna love this!

  3. Way to go! Loved our dinner together and can't wait to "discover and new restaurant and enjoy a new beautifully presented meal "again next week!

  4. I'm happy because spring is FINALLY supposed to come this weekend (in Germany)!

  5. I've been reading your blog for a while because I absolutely love it! And I referred my sister to you too. Anyway, I think you might know my cousin, Laura Lewis (now Ely). I thought I saw your name on a comment on her facebook when she announced she was engaged to Wilfred. Maybe I'm wrong, but that would be a cool, and small world if you do know her! Anyway, thanks for sharing your love and passion, it's very inspiring and beautiful! :)

  6. Do you have to live in CA to be accepted into that program with the moms and doctors?

  7. Love this post. I love your series "things I like about my life right now" and have often thought about emulating that idea. It's so important to realize the good overcomes the bad, & counting our blessings can do that.


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