on saturday, the boy took me to pinnacles national park. i had no idea this place existed (neither did he until a week or so ago)! turns out southeast of monterey there is this incredibly cool spot of nature. it was fun to discover an entirely new place with zero expectations.

it was a balmy, clear day and the drive to pinnacles was spectacular. once we arrived, we just set out to explore. we encountered caves and a reservoir and vista peaks and big soaring birds and neat rock formations and wildflowers and (my favourite part) neon multicolored moss.

IMG_1847IMG_1862IMG_1864IMG_1873IMG_1854 IMG_1856IMG_1867IMG_1845 IMG_1868IMG_1872

the bay area never ceases to amaze me. there’s always more beauty to go see.


  1. Beautiful! Reminds me of our day in Kolob...

  2. Wow what a beautiful place! Thanks for taking us along!


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