two evenings with the ‘rents

with nine children and twenty-four grandchildren spread all over the country (massachusetts, new york, the district of columbia, arizona, utah, california north and south, hawaii) and an insatiable desire to see all those loved ones often, my parents get around quite a bit. i’ve started to notice over the past few years that they drop in to see my siblings quite more often than me. they’ll freely admit that it’s for the grandkids. i once threatened to go ahead and have a baby out of wedlock so they would come visit me! :) well, last week linda and rick went to maui to see four of their grandchildren (oh, and my brother and sister-in-law, i guess) and decided it was worth a stop-over in the bay area on their way and their way back to see me. well, me and the boy. well, probably mostly the boy…

anyway, i was so excited to make reservations for us four to share a meal together both last wednesday and last night. we went to a fabulous italian place in downtown san francisco last week and walked to the piers to watch the bay lights dance after we engaged heartily in good food and good conversation. yesterday we went to my favourite restaurant in all the land, a palestinian place in sunnyvale. on our way to drop mom and dad off at my aunt and uncle’s house in fremont, we stopped at the baylands to send off some paper lanterns and wave some sparklers. because the boy keeps these things in the trunk of his car for scenarios like last night when we really need them :)

photo-6 photo-5

i love my parents so, so, so much and i feel so, so, so incredibly grateful that i am theirs and they are mine.


  1. You can't be as grateful as we are to have such a passionate, capable, intelligent, "charitable" one as you who has great taste in benevolent boys and fantastic food! The lanterns and sparklers were magical!


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