26 before 27

in 26 days, i’ll turn 27. doesn’t 27 seem like such an auspicious number? i think it will be a good year.


there are a few things, 26 in fact, that i want to do before my birthday. i hope i can check these all off!

1. finish anne of green gables
2. hike the bird island trail at point lobos
3. spend an evening at the santa cruz beach boardwalk
4. don’t have even one day off of keeping my eating and exercise goals
5. don’t miss a day of real gospel study
6. organize all the pictures on my hard drive
7. give my brother and his family a stellar san francisco tour
8. better organize my budget
9. sleep among the redwoods at gualala
10. perform three random, anonymous acts of service
11. blog about expectations and sacrifice
12. re-register my car
13. go to the temple
14. read at least half of the god who weeps
15. try at least five new recipes
16. see the walton lighthouse
17. redesign my blog
18. visit the pulgas water temple
19. write in my journal every single day
20. talk on the phone with each of my siblings
21. try a new restaurant in palo alto
22. surprise someone i love
23. put my feet in the ocean
24. make summer plans for utah
25. make summer plans for some other travel adventure
26. make goals for the year ahead

growing up is such a trip.


  1. Sounds like a fun and full 26 days! I can't help but give you a couple book suggestions that you would like if you like the Anne books. They are just wholesome, light, enjoyable reads: Daddy Longlegs by Jean Webster and Heaven to Betsy by Maud Hart Lovelace (doesn't she have an awesome name?!).

    Enjoy your next 26 days!

  2. wow char, you are amazing. this makes me energized! love you to death.

  3. btw. I love that you are in the world.

  4. WOW! What a slacker I am! I need a list like this. Thanks for the inspiration! Love you!

  5. I just started reading A God Who Weeps... isn't it marvelous?

  6. 22! surprise me and come to japan!

  7. Oh wow, I need to write my own list. LOVE YOU! THinking about you a bunch lately.


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