brunching in sausalito

i stayed over in the city on friday night, and on saturday morning kelsey and drove across the golden gate bridge to have brunch in sausalito.

sausalito’s charm pretty much knocks me out every time i’m there. it is just so so lovely, sunny and blithe. we ate at le garage overlooking the marina full of boats.

IMG_1908IMG_1909IMG_1910 IMG_1912

as i’m sure i’ve previously noted on this blog, kelsey and i were born to brunch together. we always get a sweet and a savory and share. we are both really good at enjoying food, especially brunch.


we walked along the bridgeway and then drove across the bridge all wrapped up in fog. the towers majestically appeared just as we drove under them. we looked at each other and said incredulously, this is our life! just cruising across the golden gate bridge on a sunny saturday. that drive will never get old to me – it will always tickle my heart a bit.


when we got back into the city and started driving up and down the hills of the marina and pacific heights, i decided to pop my head out the sunroof. it was a thrill ride! my spirit was smiling so wide. kels blasted the music and i waved at amused pedestrians, the top half of me sticking right out of the top of the car.

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brunch with a dear friend and sunshine in the city by the bay – healing and enlivening and splendid, indeed.


  1. Love this! Definitely adding this on to my list for the trip...and you look SO beautiful here!
    I'm afraid we won't be around for next cherry blossom season, we fly back to the UK on July 24th which is very sad news indeed! So we're now cramming in as much fun stuff as we can before we leave!


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