san diego eyres in san francisco

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after three days and nights of campfire and sleeping in a tent and no showering and lots of eating, we headed straight to the city for some urban adventuring, quite the motely crew. the weather was foggy and dreary, but we had an awesome time nonetheless. it’s pretty much always a party with noah, kristi, mckay, lyla, cubby and bennett.

kristi said something about danny tanner on our drive into the city, so our first stop was to say hi to the painted ladies at alamo square.

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we ordered some ike’s sandwiches, played at the stellar new playground at dolores park, and then tried our luck on lunch with a view from twin peaks. as you can see, there was not much of a view. just a wall of white san francisco fog!

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we went to chinatown and the kids were delighted by the fortune cookie factory and all the crazy stuff for sale in the markets.

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and i certainly can’t give a san francisco tour without a trip to my secret rooftop….

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we took turns in the tub/shower at my house and then met the boy for a dinner picnic on stanford campus. we took a stroll under the arches and around the fountains.

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and then we slept all seven of us in my little bedroom with our sleeping bags fresh out of the redwoods. by morning my room sure smelled like campfire!

it’s the best showing such beloved places to such beloved people.


  1. Ah all your posts recently have been getting me SO excited! We sat down last night and properly planned out each day of our Stateside road trip and have booked our rental car and flights out of San Diego back to Van now so it's all happening! We will be in San Fran on the 9th and 10th July, if you are there too it would be awesome to see you! but if you're away visiting your fam then you need to tell me the best places to eat/drink and where your secret rooftop is!!

  2. Oh my goodness, I had no idea this happened! Such great pictures! When? I'll talk to you about it when I see you! Seven in a room? sounds like old times! Love you!

  3. Sounds like quite the party. It's great you get to see your siblings so often.