we’re a little obsessed

i’m going through a major frozen yogurt stage. i was so into it a couple of years ago and then my hankerings for it went slightly dormant. but within the last couple of months, the appetite has come back with a vengeance! i’ve totally got the boy hooked.

both of us are a little obsessed, which is a problem considering my no-sweets-except-on-holidays rule

photo-1 photo 

luckily yesterday we had may day to celebrate, so i got my coconut/strawberry with mochi and the boy got his guava/grapefruit with sour patch kids. it has been so so warm here lately so we sat out on a bench on twinkle-lighted university avenue to enjoy with some friends. yummmmmmmm.


  1. and i'm a little obsessed with both of you! come to utah so we can double :).

  2. i am so happy that you are happy little sis.

  3. Maybe it's a good thing that we're not friends in real life, right now. I've also become obsessed with FroYo lately, and hitting up different FroYo places around San Diego. I just LOVE the stuff, I can't help it!!! Especially with mochi!!! Have you had Red Velvet FroYo?? OH.EM.GEE--DIVINE!!!

  4. I love the post and I love you!


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