24 cool kids

of all the roles i play in my life – sister, daughter, friend, cousin, granddaughter, researcher, sister-in-law, chorister, roommate, neighbor, colleague… – the one i love the most is aunt. i first became an aunt when i was just eleven years old, and i have now become an aunt twenty-four times over. i remember being so astounded by the love that i felt for my first few nephews and nieces. the real incredible part is that that love just keeps multiplying. oh, i love all those kids so, so much – i’m kind of obsessed with them. seriously, every one of my nieces and nephews is really cool in his or her own unique way. they each teach me so much and are all such good souls and are some of my most beloved friends in the world. seeing my siblings as parents is one of the best things ever. i am so very grateful for their examples in parenting – and for providing all the rad cousins my kids will have! 

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            the oldest just turned 16 ^^                                     and the youngest is nearly 6 months ^^
and there’s twenty two in between!

i get to see all my nieces and nephews in just over a month at bear lake and eeeeepppp i am so, so excited.

i dare you to ask any of the twenty-four (of those who can talk!) who their favourite aunt is. they all know the right answer :)

i also feel like a pseudo-aunt to my best friends’ babies, who i likewise love so much it hurts. there’s something so special about the love of a non-parent shared with children. i feel so blessed that i have so many (adorable) outlets for that remarkable brand of love.


  1. How terrific Charity. Aunt chi chi is a star in that gaggle of kids. Love it!

  2. Girl, tell that boy of yours to put a ring on it and have some babies of your own!