getting older

and just like that, 26 becomes 27.

growing up sometimes feels so hard. i will revel in that lush travail. and celebrate the whole dizzyingly diverse array of lived mortality.

i am grateful for twenty-seven years of being alive. i am astounded by all the beauty that has been crammed into my mortal existence, including and especially the searing, beautiful pain. i am thankful for the hollowing and the filling and the mending and the overflowing. and somehow, i am grateful that twenty-seven doesn’t look like i imagined it might look.

mostly, i am thankful for the hope that streams through my veins that tells me that certainly the best is yet to come.


  1. happy birthday!
    hope you have a great day.
    you are right, the best is yet to come.
    wish you the great future you deserve.

  2. wishing you a very happy and beautiful birthday!!
    keep on shining
    petra (brussels)

  3. From day one I knew you were going to be something wonderful. And you are! But as you said, the best is yet to come! Happy Happy Birthday. Glad we got a little birthday dinner while we were together. Have a wonderful day!

    Love you forever!

  4. Happy Birthday Charity!
    Sarah (Colombia)

  5. i love you chester. have a happy happy birthday.
    Jonah Las Vegas :((

  6. I love your outlook on life. Have a beautiful birthday and a wonderful year 27! They just get better and better every year.

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  8. Charity, you are one awesome 27 year old! We need to hang out more! Want to come over for dinner this weekend?