happy summer solstice!

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i just felt like the first day of summer couldn’t pass by without enjoying a frozen treat to celebrate! josephine and i had a lovely dinner date in downtown palo alto and then stopped by fraiche for some sugar-free, probiotic frozen yogurt with summer berries. we sat outside in the oh-so-kind summer air. when we went our separate ways to our cars just after 9, the sky was still holding some lovely azure light. hooray for the longest day of the year!


josephine just got back from our wellesley 5-year reunion, which i was so sad to miss. (i did get a text from jo during the reunion though, telling me that she and all our college friends had run into my sisters and nieces on campus! what a fantastic serendipity!) crazy to think that it has been nearly nine years since i met this girl in the dining hall at the stone-davis dorms.

cheers to another summer full of dusky 9pms ahead!

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